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Scientific Fighting Congress
The most relevant "real world" and vital training we offer is our SFC program. SFC is a no nonsense, no frills program for street self protection. We use the term "No flash, only function". This program will teach you a variety of tactics and techniques to help you to navigate through the day to day violence we face in today's world! Call or email us for more information on how you can learn this vital and necessary information today! Our instructors are all certified instructors in W. Hock Hochheim's "Scientific fighting congress" material. We have trained with Hock for 2 decades and teach all of his material with a major emphasis on the Unarmed / Impact weapon / Edged weapon material. We find this to be the most practical, teachable & reliable system for personal protection & day to day survival. We provide learning opportunities in the Unarmed combatives, Pacific Archipelago combatives, & Knife courses. 

Kajukenbo "Mixed Martial Arts"

Kajukenbo was developed in Hawaii in the 1940's. It was developed to provide the locals with a more practical means of defending themselves from the rough streets and those who walked them. 5 martial artists from different systems got together to develop a system that would address those needs. The system they developed came to be known as Kajukenbo. The founders came from different backgrounds and each contributed their knowledge to the development. These founders and their contributions are listed below.

Ka - Karate as passed down by Peter YY Choo

Ju - Judo & Jujitsu as passed down by Joseph Holck & "Uncle" Frank Ordonez respectively

Ken - Kenpo as passed down by Adriano D. Emperado

Bo - Chinese and western boxing. The Chinese boxing was contributed by Clarence "George" Chang & western boxing was practiced by all the founders.

They trained together and took the strengths of each system and combined them till they felt they had developed a system that would serve them well on the street.. The sum of the new art was bigger than the pieces.. This art came to be known as Kajukenbo.

Kajukenbo continued to grow and in the 60's it came to the mainland. Some of the early pioneers of this new system were Charles Gaylord, Tony Ramos, Joe Halbuna, Al Dacascos, John Leoning, Carlos Bunda, and others. The early roots were found mostly in California but soon instructors migrated across the United States, and now Kajukenbo is practiced worldwide. A practical expression of all range fighting Kajukenbo is widely considered Americas "First Mixed Martial Art".. 

Filipino Martial Arts

The arts of the Philippines known mainly as Arnis / Kali / Escrima are very functional and practical arts. They include training in all ranges including weapons and empty hand. The weapons used primarily consist of rattan sticks, knives, swords & other impact and edged weapons. The empty hand component includes striking and kicking with the hands / feet / elbows / knees as well as standup and ground grappling. A unique aspect of these systems is that what you learn with  weapons is translated to what is taught empty handed. Practical, functional, beautiful.. The Filipino martial arts fit into all those categories. 

Our Instructors

Dean Goldade is our Chief Instructor. He holds advanced rank in Kajukenbo as well as black belts and instructor ranks in other systems. read more

Our Classes

We provide instruction in Kajukenbo / Self Defense / Filipino martial arts. Our classes are designed to help you learn as quickly as possible, while retaining high standards of quality.

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We provide martial arts and self-defense training for all ages. Please look over the site and see what program best fits you.. Hope to see you soon!