Goldade Kajukenbo Ohana member schools

GKO member schools are schools who are affiliated with us. They teach Kajukenbo and other disciplines. If you live in their area and want more information contact us at

 - Primal gym NJ - Located in Hamilton New Jersey. Instructor Kumu Jim McCann.

 - Gulf coast combatives - Located in Port Aransas Texas. Instructor Scott Kangas


- Triangle Kenpo institute - Located in Raleigh North Carolina. Instructor Sifu Bill Parsons.


- Badders combatives association - Located in San Antonio Texas. Instructor Koa William Badders III


- The "Dojo" martial arts school-Located at 6151 NW loop 410 Ste 100, San Antonio Texas. Instructor Jeffrey Tovar

 Scientific Fighting Congress

 - Unarmed combatives

 - Impact weapon combatives

 - Edged weapon combatives


Filipino / Pacific island martial arts 

 - Senkotiros Arnis

 - Pacific Archipelago Combatives


 Our Programs

Dean has been successful in his teaching and training for a few simple reasons.. The most important one is he has learned to teach quality martial arts and keep his standards high "while having fun".. 

Grandmaster Brian Yoshii

9th Degree Black belt Kajukenbo

Dean has a wealth of information to teach and share.. His program is "The best in Texas" 

Sigung Dean Webster   

6th degree black belt Kajukenbo


About Us

At Goldade Kajukenbo Ohana we provide quality and affordable instruction in SFC combatives, Kajukenbo & Filipino Martial arts. Our staff has nearly 100 years of combined experience, and are martial arts professionals. We are here to help you to meet and achieve your goals. Stop in and try a free class, you won't be disappointed.

Our Instructors

Dean Goldade is our Chief Instructor. He holds advanced rank in Kajukenbo as well as black belts and instructor ranks in other systems. read more

Our Classes

We provide instruction in Kajukenbo / Self Defense / Filipino martial arts. Our classes are designed to help you learn as quickly as possible, while retaining high standards of quality.

About us

We provide martial arts and self-defense training for all ages. Please look over the site and see what program best fits you.. Hope to see you soon!